Life is definitely not what I expected it to be!.. I envisioned myself happily married with the “perfect” family at this age, basically 30. When in reality I’m a divorced woman with one child!… But I wouldn’t change a single thing! I have realized in the past few weeks how fortunate I am… I started this blog as a reminder to myself!… When I look back at the past I realize that every mistake I once made, and dear Jesus I made a lot, has made me become the intelligent caring woman I am today. I have a daughter that is beyond great. She loves her mama. I realize those dreaded teenage years are in the near future so I need to soak up all the love I can get from that precious “baby,” she will ALWAYS be my baby. I now know a different meaning of the word “worry.” I have so much respect for my parents now that I am older.. I don’t see how they survived my “wild-child” years! … And now I am excited to see what the most recent chapter unfolds in my life. I have met the most amazing guy… He has broken my defenses down and for the first time in my life I “feel” like I have never felt before. He can make me laugh and he can make me cry… I am still in awe at how much I am in love with him. He makes me feel complete like no other before him. I only want him… I cannot imagine a life without him in it and I cannot imagine this ever “ending.” This has been the most difficult relationship of my life! He lives a million miles away from me and learning to love with distance in between is a process. I’m just in what I hope is the beginning… Because this is one story I never want to end.